Show me the money!

Flip & Go is the new BURNING fast way to skip all the boring parts
and get right into the HOT action of the tournament.

Flip&Go Steps


Step 1

Choose Buy-in

Select your Buy-in!

Greater than ever guarantees await.


Step 2

Flip Stage

Move on to the Go Stage as the Chip Leader!

You can play up to 8 Flip stages without waiting,
All your chips from the Flip Stage will
be added to the Go Stage.


Select the Number of Buy-ins!

You can start the Flip Stage with up
to 5 times your stack. The larger your stack,
the more chances you have to win the Flip Stage.


Play a Fast-Paced Skill-Based Flipout!

During the Flip Stage, receive three hole cards,
discard one of them and play the Flipout.


During Step 2, if you get dealt a great starting hand
like a three card flush, straight, or trips, you’ll get
a bonus to your starting stack!
You can receive the Flip Bonus in any Flip Stage.


Step 3

Go Stage

Win the Flip Stage to make the money
and move on to the Go Stage!

Go Stage is played as normal Hold’em
and starts every hour. You are automatically
entered in the Go Stage if you win the Flip Stage.

Schedule Summary

There are 8 Flip Stages every hour.

(At each :05, :10, :25, :35, :40, :45, :50, :60 minute)

The Go Stage is held every hour.

$20.00 $1,500 ~ $2,000 
$3.00 $700 ~ $1,250 
$0.50 $200 ~ $400 
$0.05 $30 ~ $75 

※ The Go Stage may be delayed if the 60 minute Flip Stage does not end on time.

Featured Final Table Infomation

Switch Seat : Not available
Deal Making : Possible when players reach final table
Chess Clock : Not available

Final Table Blind Rollback : Not available

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