Tournament Types

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool (ex. $2000 guaranteed). The guaranteed amount will be distributed as promised even if the total collected buy-in amount falls short of the guaranteed amount. Please note that our regular tournaments contribute the collected buy-in amount to the prize pool. However, if there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total money pool will increase accordingly. The guaranteed prize amount for each tournament is indicated in the tournament lobby, if applicable.


At the start of the tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. It is not possible to add-on more chips while the tournament is in play. If a player loses all of their chips, then the player will be eliminated from tournament. If the tournament is not a rebuy tournament, then it will be freezeout tournament.

N-Stack Tournaments

In an N-Stack Tournament, each player receives a set number of chip stacks upon registration (this set number is also known as ‘N’). Immediately prior to taking their seat in the tournament, the player can decide how many of these stacks they will start with and how many to keep in reserve to use later.

Each chip stack can be thought of as a ‘bullet’; players can begin the tournament with all available bullets in their starting stack. At least one stack must be used when a player first begins to play.

Reserved stacks can be called into use at any time up until the end of late registration or alternatively by a set time (the time at which reserved stacks can be used will be specified in the tournament lobby); if a player has not used their reserved stacks by this time, they will be added to the player’s live stack automatically.

Progressive Bounty

In our Progressive Bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on his or her head. When a player is knocked out of a tournament, the corresponding player’s bounty is added on to the bounty of the player who knocks him or her out. The accumulated prize pool will be distributed to the players who make it in the money, at which point the winner will be decided like a normal freezeout tournament.

Rebuy Tournaments

At the start of the tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, every player has the opportunity to rebuy, which means purchasing additional chips equivalent to the starting chip stack.

Players have the option to rebuy at any time during the specified time period, when their current chip amount is equal to or below the starting chips.

The time allotted for rebuys and the number of rebuys available are different depending on the tournament.

Details regarding rebuy tournaments are indicated in the tournament lobby, if applicable.


Satellite tournaments are qualifying events that give you an opportunity to win a seat to main tournaments that have higher buy-ins. We currently offer Satellite tournaments to our main event and Bounty Hunters tournaments in turbo and normal speed types. Please refer to our satellite tournament schedule shown below for further details.

  • The Turbo Satellite tournaments run 30 minutes before the main event and the buy-in is ⅕ of the main event buy-in amount.
  • The regular satellites run 90 minutes before the main event and the buy-in is 1/10 of the main event buy-in amount.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo tournaments are fast-paced variations of regular tournaments with shorter blind levels (They may be 1/3 or 1/2 that of regular tournaments) and give less time to act. We offer a variety of turbo tournaments ranging from satellites to daily guarantees.

Shootout Tournaments

In a Shootout Tournament, tables are not balanced as players are knocked out. Play continues on each table until there is only one player remaining. Once all tables in this first ’round’ have played down to a winner, those table winners are reseated at new tables and a second ’round’ begins.

At the start of each round, surviving players’ chips reset to the original tournament starting stack, as does the blind level.

Subsequent rounds continue in this way until all of the prize winning positions have been filled and the tournament has an outright winner.

Shootout Tournaments can be configured to seat different number of players per table, from heads-up (two players) to nine-handed tables.

AoF Tournament

In an AoF Tournament, there are limited betting options.
Players only have the option to go All-in or Fold, and cannot bet, raise or call.

Private Tournaments

Private tournaments are held on occasion for certain groups of players for the purpose of promotion.