Battle Royale is a 30-player Hold’em Sit & Go.

  • Rush – fierce battle against a pool of players

  • Shootout – only one player survives each table

  • Bounties – collect bounties by knocking other players out

Battle Royale is a combination of all of the fun parts of the most popular tournaments.
Feel everything poker has to offer in a hour-long battle.

Battle Royale is a 30-Players Hold’em Sit&Go with Progressive Bounty

Round 1



30 Players

Round 2



15 Players

Round 3


Final Table

5 Players

Round 1 – Survive to Top 15

Rush Zone with Bounty

Constant matching at new tables

15 Minute Time Limit

  • At the end of the time limit, players outside of the top 15 are eliminated

  • Bounties of eliminated players are combined into the prize pool.

Top 15 survive

Round 1 ends when 15 players remain


Aggressive play is rewarded in the following order, in the event of a tie at the end of the time limit:

  • The player with more kills ranks higher
  • The player with more hands played ranks higher

Round 2 – Survive the Table

Shootout Zone

Play until there is only one player remaining at the table

5 Minutes, 3 max table

If there are multiple players remaining after 5 minutes, the game goes into All-In Mode

Auto All-In after 5 min

All players are forced all-in every hand until only one player remains


  • Speedy play is rewarded as players who go through Stage 2 faster are given seat selection advantages at the Final Table

Final Round – Final Table

Final Table

The Final Table is played in normal bounty tournament format

In The Money

All players who make the Final Table are in the money

Buy-in & Prize Structure

Buy-in : $0.25 / $1 / $3 / $10


5% of the buy-in goes to the rake.
$0.25 of the buy-in is subject to 4% of the rake.

Details & Limitations

This game uses 1 deck of 52 cards and the deck is shuffled after each hand.
Battle Royale does not offer ‘ Make a Deal’ option.
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