You can now play All-In or Fold, the fastest and easiest game among our existing poker games, as a Sit & Go.

You’ll get three stacks to play up to three chances with.

The game will feature 16 players, with four players per table in a shootout format.

How to Play

You can enter AoF-SnG from the AoF tab. Just click on the list and enter the game you want to join.

Three Stacks

  • Each player is given three stacks.
  • The player’s remaining stacks can be seen on their avatar.
  • By clicking on the stack you can add to your wager. You can play with one stack at a time or go with a bigger strategy betting all three stacks at once.
  • At the start of each hand, if your current chips on the table are below 2BBs, stack(s) will automatically be added until your chips become 2BBs or more (if available).
  • When you reach the final table, all the stacks will be reset and each player starts with three stacks again.


  • The shootout starts with four players at each table. With 16 total players there will be 4 tables.
  • Round 1
    Each table’s winner will reach the final table.
  • Round 2
    Each player at the final table will be In The Money(ITM)

Try out AoF Sit&Go

Blind Structure

AoF Hold’em Sit&Go

Starting Chips : 800

AoF Omaha Sit&Go

Starting Chips : 500

*When you reach the final table, all the stacks will be reset and the blinds will start again from Lv. 1.

Prize Structure

AoF Hold’em Sit&Go

AoF Hold’em Sit&Go

7% of the buy-in goes to the rake.

$0.50 of the buy-in is subject to 10% of the rake.

Details & Limitations

This game uses 1 deck of 52 cards and the deck is shuffled after each hand.
All-In or Fold Sit & Go  does not offer ‘ Make a Deal’ option.