Did you lose a big suck out? Are you tilting hard? Express your emotions by using a new throwable item and show the table how you’re feeling! Throw an egg to show your displeasure after a particularly rough hand, or toss a bucket of water on the guy running hot to cool them off! Blow smoke at a player who has been giving you trouble!


Think of Splashes as ways to vent your frustrations at other users who served you a bad beat. Splashes are awarded to players who have suffered a loss at the hands of another, and satisfaction demands that they can only be used on the victor. Sometimes big bets pay off, but now you can get just a little bit of revenge when they don’t.


There are three unique splashes available to players who meet certain conditions – The Water Bucket, the Egg, and the Smoke Screen. The Water bucket will douse your target’s screen – perfect for cooling off a hot streak. The Egg cracks and splatters against your target’s screen. And the Smoke Screen will haze up an opponent’s view.


Unique Splashes can be earned when specific conditions are met in the game, such as a particularly bad suckout or an otherwise heartbreaking game occurrence. The Splashes can only be used against the opponent involved in the hand, and if you or the opponent leave the table, the item will be lost. You can also only hold one item at a time.​


Did the guy across the felt Donk bet for the third hand in a row? Someone drop a slick three bet which is making you think?

When a user places a bet, now you can let them know what you think. Give them a thumbs up or thumbs down react. All users, even those who are sitting out are able to send bet reactions. ​Just right click on PC or long press on Mobile to open the react options!