So, what is Smart Betting?

How much should you bet here? Deciding how much you want to bet every single time can be a hassle. It would be so much easier and simpler if I was just given the answer. Well, that’s exactly what our Smart Bet system does: it suggests bets based on your personal patterns.
Don’t worry if you don’t like the suggested amounts; you can always press refresh for a new set of bets to choose from. If this has got you thinking about refreshing your YouTube suggestions, then this is more than perfect for you. One tab on refresh will give you fresh new choices, tailored just for you. Experience the revelation of your bet style.
The suggestion algorithm will not only analyze your bets, but will also give you the hottest betting trends of all players. If betting the right amount is a difficult task, use Smart Bet. Poker will become easy.

How does it work internally?

Smart Bet system uses a machine learning algorithm for real time clustering of all betting data from every player per game type.
Smart Betting algorithm will continue to advance to achieve one goal : to give you the perfect betting suggestion for a specific situation. Once the algorithm reaches the end of the tunnel, it will be able to learn your preferences on the spot and you will be able to bet in any given situation with just one tab.

Additional Information

  • Smart bet is available for mobile devices only.
  • Smart bet will function regardless of what you’ve set your basic bet % preferences to.
  • Smart bet will suggest three betting options immediately once it is turned on.
  • Pressing the X button will allow you to return to normal betting mode for that turn. You can use this in certain situations that require specific bet amounts Smart bet will resume on the following turn.
  • Smart bet supports the following game types : Hold’em, Rush & Cash, Omaha. (Tournaments, AoF, Chinese Hold’em is not supported)
  • Hold’em and Rush & Cash will share the same Smart Bet settings. It will work separately for Omaha.