Card Squeeze

Now you can squeeze your cards anyway you like!

Real life-like 3D Card Squeezing awaits your every subtle touch.

How to Squeeze Hole Cards

  • You can squeeze your hole cards once they are dealt.
  • Finish squeezing your cards before your turn is over, or you might be forced to fold. (You can use your time bank)
  • You can hit the open button to immediately open your cards without squeezing.

How to Squeeze Board Cards

  • Squeeze board cards in an All-In, showdown situation on the turn/river.
  • Board card squeeze is available to the Favorite and underdog.
  • Open/Squeeze options and preference settings are not provided for board cards.
  • Board card squeeze is available based on the pot size and game type of the hand :
    • Hold,em, Omaha, R&C, Chinese Holdem : pots larger than 100bb
    • Short Deck : pots larger than 100antes
    • Coin & Gold, Tournament : no restrictions

Hole Card Squeeze Preferences

Change your Hold Card Squeeze preference for your current table within the right panel.

You can also turn Squeeze on/off globally within My Page > Settings > Squeeze.

Additional Information

Hole Card & Board Card Squeeze is available in every game with the exception of AoF.