Check out this new and thrilling way of enjoying our 7XL Tournaments!

Sell your tournament action to other players or stake the players that you think will win!​

General Staking Rules

  • Players who want to sell action must first register for a tournament.
    • After registering, sellers (players selling their action) must set a markup and how much shares they want to sell.​
    • Players may only sell their action while a tournament is registering.​
    • Sellers have the right to cancel selling action at any time before the tournament starts.
  • Backers must pay the full amount of the total stakes they have bought.​
    • Stakes must be purchased in increments of 1%.​
    • Once a stake has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in certain specific situations.​
  • Sellers are paid for the stakes they have sold when one wins or is knocked out of the tournament.​
  • Any tournament prize money that a staked player wins will be distributed automatically amongst one’s backers in proportion to the stake that those backers have purchased.
  • The following are situations in which a backer’s stake may be refunded:
    • If the backer has purchased a stake from a seller and this seller subsequently decides to cancel the sale of one’s action. ​
    • If the seller unregisters from a tournament before it begins. ​
    • If a tournament is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. ​

How to Sell/Buy Action​

Buy/Sell Action from the ‘Staking’ tab from our ‘Tournament Lobby’.

Multi-Entry Staking

You will be able to buy or sell a shares of your action to take into account multiple entries into a tournament. The share of winnings will dilute with each additional entry.

The buyer’s share will be diluted depending on the number of re-entries of the seller.

Multi-Entry Staking Conditions

  • Players who want to sell action including multiple re-entries into a tournament must use Multi-Entry Staking.
  • Players using Multi-Entry Staking will use Share Dilution ​to share the prize with buyers in the case of additional entries.
  • ​The buyer’s share will be diluted depending on the number of re-entries of the seller.
    • For example, If the buyer initially bought 20% of the share, and the seller re-enters after a knockout, increasing the seller’s total entries to two entries, the buyer’s share will be diluted to 10%. In case of a third re-buy, the buyer’s share will be diluted to 5%.
  • Bounty Payments shares will be paid out when the seller is eliminated or wins the Bounty Tournament.
  • Bounty Payments will be determined according to the final share dilution.
  • Sellers’ selling their action with the Share Dilution option enabled will have an icon displayed, and will be sorted to the top of the list for more visibility.

(Original Stake / Tournament Buy-in * Markup)
A Seller enters a $100 Buy-In with 1.5x Markup. A Buyer stakes $75.
After three subsequent knock-outs and re-entries, the staking percentage would look as follows:

$100 Buy In and 3 Re-Entries (+$300)

  • Original Equity: 75 / (100 * 1.5) = 50%
  • Post Dilution Equity : 75 / (400 * 1.5) = 12.5%

Auto Unregister

When you decide to sell some of your action, you will be able to set an ‘Auto Unregister’ threshold which will cancel the staking of your action if you do not sell up to a specific amount of your choosing. When setting your staking you can turn the function on and off.

If your staking does not reach the threshold, the tournament registration will be canceled prior to the tournament seating.

Staking Profile Page​

Your ‘Staking Profile’ page will be accessible to potential backers when you are selling your action.

Check the tournament records of other players and decide if you want to buy their action. ​

Staking Chat

You can enter chat rooms by clicking on the chat button located in the staking tab located in the tournament lobby. ‘Staking chat’ is only available to sellers who have made a sell action or to buyers who have made a buy action.

You can see a full list of all your staking chats currently in progress from ‘My Page > Current Stakers.’

* This service is only available on PC.

Following Sellers

It’s quite easy to follow impressive sellers’ new stakes. You can follow these users by clicking the follow button in the tournament lobby or by going to the players ‘Staking Profile’ page.

You can see a full list of all the stakings by those that you follow on ‘My Page > Sellers You Follow.’

* This service is only available on PC.

Terms and Conditions​

  • This service is strictly for regulated person to person staking purposes.
  • You acknowledge that there is a risk of losing money when staking other players and that 7XL has no responsibility for any such loss.
  • You agree that your use of our ‘Sell Action/Staking’ services is at your sole option, discretion and risk.
  • You agree that by selling your action, the information on your ‘Staking Profile’ page will be accessible to potential backers.
  • Auto Unregistration is not available under certain conditions:
    • It is not available for Day 2 / Final Day Staking.​
    • It is not available for users who have entered a tournament through a satellite seat.
    • It is not available for users who have been manually entered into a tournament for operational reasons.
  • Under Certain Conditions, dilution may result in the cancelation of equity or result in no payments being made.
    • If the total equity does not reach 0.01%, the staking will be canceled.​
    • If the total payment does not reach $0.01, no prize will be paid out.
    • If the tournament ends or is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the stake will be reflected as it was at that time.