Phoenix Rebuy

Come back in full force with Phoenix Rebuy tournaments.

Rebuys can be effective early, but grow less appealing by the minute, due to increase in chip stacks and blinds, as the tournament progresses.

To compensate for this, in Phoenix Rebuy tournaments, you have the following options:

  • Single Rebuy, before the late registration closes
  • Double Rebuy, three-times the amount of the initial starting chips, after late registration closes and before rebuy period ends
  • Double-buy add-on, six-times the amount of the initial starting chips, at the end of the rebuy period

Tournament Details

  • Starting Chips: 2,500
  • Late Reg : 80 min
  • Rebuy Period: 120 min
  • Break Time: 5 minute break, Every 55 minutes past the hour.
  • Add-on Period During Add-on Break, at the end of blind level 14
  • Add-on Break may sometimes overlap with Tournament breaks
  • 8 min per blind level


Event Name Time(UTC+09:00) Buy-in Guarantee
Phoenix Rebuy $1, $300 GTD 20:00 $1 $300
Phoenix Rebuy $0.20, $100 GTD 23:00 $0.20 $100
Phoenix Rebuy $1, $400 GTD 01:00 $1 $400
Phoenix Rebuy $5, $1000 GTD 03:00 $5 $1,000